Top 29 Affordable Restaurants in Dubai With a View

Top 29 Affordable Restaurants in Dubai With a View

The culinary scene in Dubai buzzes with extravagance and grand dining experiences. From revolving restaurants and panoramic views to waterfront settings and international cuisines, dining in Dubai is nothing short of a marvelous experience. But with luxury comes a high price that not all people can afford.

While Dubai certainly doesn’t lack affordable restaurants, many of them get buried under the lavish reputation of fine dining restaurants. And that’s why we’re here. We’ll remind you of all the affordable restaurants in Dubai with a view. So not only will you indulge in a delicious meal, but you’ll also enjoy a dazzling skyline or waterfront view along the way.


Affordable Restaurants in Dubai with a View

If you want to enjoy a delicious meal in Dubai without steering away from the average cost of eating in Dubai, here’s a list of the affordable restaurants you can visit:


1. Creek View

Creek View Restaurant & Cafe

Creek View lies in the historical Dubai Creek area, giving visitors a spectacular waterfront view while dining. The menu doesn’t focus on a single cuisine. Instead, it offers a wide array of diverse and delicious meals that you’ll enjoy without breaking the bank.

The friendly service, heartwarming ambiance, and relaxing view will leave you pleased with your visit.

  • Best for: Those who love waterfront views
  • Type of Cuisine: International
  • Price Range: 70-200 AED
  • Location: 26 Beniyas Road in front of Rolex Twin Towers
  • Contact: [email protected]



2. Observatory


Dining in Observatory is an unforgettable dining experience complemented by the panoramic view of Dubai Marina and the vibrant vibes that fill the place. The restaurant focuses on steaks and grills and serves classic dishes with a fun, creative twist. From the Observatory’s window, you’ll be able to watch the calm scenery while indulging in savory meals.

  • Best for: Meat lovers
  • Type of Cuisine: Steaks and grills
  • Price Range: 90-300 AED
  • Location: Dubai Mariott Harbor Hotel & Suites, King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Street, Dubai Marina
  • Contact: [email protected]



3. Basanti & Co

Basanti & Co

The waterfront view of Basanti & Co adds to its captivating charm. It’s named after a Bollywood character and specializes in authentic Indian plates. The Asian aura of the restaurant is unmatched, and its elegant setting deems it ideal for a romantic dinner. Some of the most famous dishes it serves are Lamb Rach, Murgh Malai, coconut rice, and Achari Paneer.

If you’re up for a cultural dining experience and want a fascinating view alongside it, give Basanti & Co a try.

  • Best for: Couples looking for a romantic setting
  • Type of Cuisine: Indian
  • Price Range: 35-150 AED
  • Location: Bluewaters Wharf Retail, Building 26 SE- Unit 02
  • Contact: [email protected]



4. Benjarong


Benjarong brings Thai cuisine to your table with harmonious flavors and uplifting vibes. Whether you’re in the mood for sweet, sour, salty, or spicy food, you’ll find what you’re looking for on its menu.

The restaurant lets you take a peek at Dubai’s splendid skyline through framed windows. And if you’re seated away from a window, you can please your eyes with the vibrant colors and festive interior decor of the seating area.

  • Best for: Those who love skyline views
  • Type of Cuisine: Thai
  • Price Range: 60-200 AED
  • Location: 133 Sheikh Zayed Road, Dusit Thani Dubai Hotel, 24th floor
  • Contact: [email protected]



5. Folly


Folly treats its visitors to a social dining experience in its eight-seater bar that overlooks the restaurant’s open kitchen. And if you’re in the mood for a breathtaking view instead of chit-chatting with the chefs, you can sit on the upper level and enjoy an unmatched view of the Arabian Gulf and Burj Al Arab.

It mainly serves modern plates with creative presentation touches, and the chefs commit to using the finest and freshest ingredients in their meals. While not the most affordable restaurant on our list, it’s worth a visit.

  • Best for: Modern cuisine lovers
  • Type of Cuisine: Contemporary foods
  • Price Range: 80-400 AED
  • Location: Unit 27, Souk Madinat Jumeirah
  • Contact: [email protected]



6. Mama Zonia

Mama Zonia

The energetic dining experience at Mama Zonia is unmatched in the entirety of Dubai. It specializes in Amazonian cuisine and channels the captivating charm of rainforests in its interior design and food presentation. Located in the Dubai Marina, Mama Zonia treats customers to an eye-catching waterfront view, and the seating area indoors isn’t any less spectacular.

If you decide to go there, you’ll enjoy the servers’ friendliness, tropical vibes, and savory dishes.

  • Best for: Those who love tropical vibes
  • Type of Cuisine: Amazonian cuisine
  • Price Range: 60-300 AED
  • Location: Pier 7, 2nd Floor, Dubai Marina
  • Contact: [email protected]



7. The London Project

The London Project

The London Project delivers an authentic narrative through its buzzing theme and savory plates inspired by the various districts of London. The menu takes you on a trip through Camden to Shoreditch and introduces you to innovative fusions of ingredients that combine to make heavenly dishes.

Located on Bluewaters Island, The London Project has a waterfront view that looks luminous at night and serene in the morning.

  • Best for: London city lovers
  • Type of Cuisine: British
  • Price Range: 70-325 AED
  • Location: Bluewaters Island
  • Contact: [email protected]



8. Pure Sky Lounge

Pure Sky Lounge

Overlooking Ain Dubai and the Arabian Gulf, Pure Sky Lounge stands proudly as one of Dubai’s best contemporary restaurants for people on a budget. Its setting is ideal for dining while watching the sunset.

Although Pure Sky Lounge doesn’t focus on one cuisine, it excels at serving contemporary plates made from fresh ingredients. It’s worth a visit if you want an affordable dinner with a luxurious view.

  • Best for: Waterfront view lovers
  • Type of Cuisine: Contemporary
  • Price Range: 35-135 AED
  • Location: Hilton Dubai The Walk, The Walk, Jumeirah Beach Residence
  • Contact:



9. Paros


Paros takes pride in being one of the best Mediterranean rooftop restaurants in Dubai. Its decor and menu are inspired by Greek islands, and it treats visitors to a breathtaking view of Dubai’s skyline.

Paros offers live music weekly to entertain people while dining and its menu spans Southern Europe, the Middle East, and the Levant. You can try their falafel pita, Greek lamb sliders, moussaka, or seafood linguine for a delicious dining experience.

  • Best for: Skyline view lovers
  • Type of Cuisine: Mediterranean
  • Price Range: 55-300 AED
  • Location: 46th Floor, Taj Jumeirah Lakes Towers
  • Contact: [email protected]



10. Highest View Lounge

Highest View Lounge

Sitting in the Highest View Lounge, you can view Dubai’s landmarks, most notably Burj Khalifa. The 360-degree view makes you feel as though you’re dining with the clouds, and the modern aura of the restaurant will boost your dining experience.

Highest View Lounge’s menu focuses on premium-quality meats and seafood. So whether you’re in the mood for smoked salmon or lamb chops, you’ll find your favorite dish on the menu.

  • Best for: High-view lovers
  • Type of Cuisine: Meats and seafood
  • Price Range: 42-210 AED
  • Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Center Area, Next to Al Attar Tower
  • Contact: [email protected]



11. Ce La Vi

Ce La Vi

Ce La Vi brings the best of the contemporary Asian kitchen to your dinner table. Some of its best dishes are Australian Wagyu striploin, deconstructed strawberry tart, and fine oysters. Apart from the exceptional plates, Ce La Vi has one of the most coveted spots in Dubai, overlooking the marvel that is Burj Khalifa.

So book a table in the Asian restaurant and enjoy the savory meals brought to you by an award-winning chef.

  • Best for: Those who love Asian meals with a modern twist
  • Type of Cuisine: Contemporary Asian
  • Price Range: 65-525
  • Location: Level 54, Address Sky View Hotel, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd, Tower 2
  • Contact: [email protected]



12. OFK


OFK is arguably the best casual restaurant from which you can enjoy the dazzling Dubai Mall fountain show. Apart from its relaxing and theatrical view, OFK serves high-quality meals inspired by Asian cuisine. It also has some picks from international cuisine if you aren’t in the mood for sushi or ceviches.

Considering its casual setting and lovely view, OFK is best suited for families taking a break from strolling inside the huge mall.



13. Level 43 Sky Lounge

Level 43 Sky Lounge

Standing 155 meters above ground, Level 43 Sky Lounge has one of the best affordable panoramic views around Dubai. Sitting there, you can take in the beauty of Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Atlantis, and more.

Although the lounge doesn’t have a specific cuisine, it has some of the best sushi selections. There are also many main course choices, like ribeye steaks, lamb chops, baked salmon, and more. Its only catch is that it doesn’t allow visitors under 21 years old, considering it’s mainly a nightclub.

  • Best for: Those who want to watch Dubai from above
  • Type of Cuisine: Sushi
  • Price Range: 100-200 AED
  • Location: Four Points by Sheraton Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Contact: [email protected]



14. Iris


Iris gives customers a relaxing, free-spirited dining experience complemented by live music, parties, and curated art installations. It overlooks Burj Khalifa and the rest of Dubai’s skyline, which you’ll be able to observe while sitting inside.

As for the dining menu, Iris’s plates span international cuisine, bringing sushi, steaks, pasta, caviar, and more to your table.

  • Best for: Those who want a relaxing dinner with a view
  • Type of Cuisine: International
  • Price Range: 35-210 AED
  • Location: Meydan Grandstand, adjacent to the Ticket Sales Office
  • Contact: [email protected]



15. Eat Well

Eat Well

Eat Well takes pride in being the first lifestyle restaurant in Dubai. It offers mouth-watering plates without including gluten or refined sugar for the best of your health. Some of its dishes are spaghetti beef bolognese, penne chicken pesto, vegan fajita, and club sandwiches.

Not only that, but it has an elegant seating area that overlooks Dubai’s skyline. So if you want to give your body a healthy boost and enjoy one of the most coveted views in the world, book a table at Eat Well and enjoy a guilt-free dinner.

  • Best for: Healthy eaters
  • Type of Cuisine: Healthy food
  • Price Range: 35-70 AED
  • Location: Za’abeel 1, Oud Metha Road, Al Ain, Dubai Rd
  • Contact: [email protected]



16. QD’s


QD’s is one of few restaurants in Dubai that have both a waterfront and skyline view. Sitting inside, you can enjoy the relaxing view of Dubai Creek with a dash of luxury, thanks to the proud appearance of Burj Khalifa in your eyeshot.

As for the food, QD’s focuses on Indian and Mediterranean cuisine, bringing authentic dishes like chicken biryani, chicken tikka, and calzone to your table.

  • Best for: Those who want a dual view of the water and Dubai’s skyline
  • Type of Cuisine: Indian and Mediterranean
  • Price Range: 44-160 AED
  • Location: Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, Dubai Creek Club St
  • Contact:



17. Chalet Berezka

Chalet Berezka

Chalet Bereza brings Russian culture to the heart of Dubai in a fun and elegant way. Apart from its culinary excellence, the restaurant offers visitors entertainment shows and karaoke. With its location near Atlantis, Chalet Berezka combines both an eye-pleasing view and a mouth-watering dining experience.

Some of the best dishes it serves are homemade dumplings and oysters. So, if you’re in the mood for some partying alongside a delicious dinner, give Chalet Berezka a try.

  • Best for: Those who want to party
  • Type of Cuisine: Russian
  • Price Range: 35-240 AED
  • Location: The Pointe, East Marina, Palm Jumeirah
  • Contact:



18. Shimmers


Shimmers is one of the most photogenic restaurants in Dubai. Once you take a look at its white-themed seating area and waterfront view, you’ll fall in love. The beach restaurant focuses on Mediterranean cuisine and has vegan choices to satisfy all tastes.

If you want to take a break from the blazing streets of Dubai and unwind while having a delicious dinner, book a table and enjoy.

  • Best for: Beach lovers
  • Type of Cuisine: Mediterranean
  • Price Range: 40-350 AED
  • Location: Madinat Jumeirah, Mina A’ Salam
  • Contact: [email protected]



19. Fish Beach Taverna

Fish Beach Taverna

Fish Beach Taverna is your go-to place if you want to have an affordable seafood meal alongside a stunning view and heartwarming vibes. The restaurant specializes in Greek and Turkish cuisines and provides private dinner tables for special events.

Whether you have a business meeting or a family event, you’ll have an unforgettable dining experience overlooking the serene shore of Mina Seyahi.

  • Best for: Those who have special events
  • Type of Cuisine: Turkish and Greek seafood
  • Price Range: 43-185 AED
  • Location: Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Waterpark
  • Contact: [email protected]



20. Five Guys

Five Guys

There are many Five Guys branches in UAE, but the one with the best view lies in Dubai Mall, right in front of the picturesque dancing fountain. Five Guys serves burgers, milkshakes, hotdogs, and fries. The best part is that you can choose your favorite toppings and create a sandwich yourself.

If you’re in the mood for a casual meal with a luxurious view, stop there for a delicious burger and milkshake.

  • Best for: Burger lovers
  • Type of Cuisine: Burger
  • Price Range: 23-90 AED
  • Location: Dubai Mall, Financial Center Rd
  • Contact:



21. Koko Bay

Koko Bay

Koko Bay channels the tranquility and elegance of beaches in its fusion of Asian and European flavors and relaxing seating area. Sitting by the beach, you’ll get to dine on delicious plates and watch some of the best sunsets of your life. These luxuries come at reasonable prices that won’t break the bank.

You can choose between poke bowls, grills, maki rolls, salads, and more from Koko Bay’s diverse menu.

  • Best for: Those who want a spectacular sunset view
  • Type of Cuisine: Asian and European
  • Price Range: 40-300 AED
  • Location: Unit 3, West Beach, Palm Jumeirah
  • Contact:

22. Meshico


Meshico embodies Mexican folklore and a joyful lifestyle and delivers one of the most entertaining dining experiences around Dubai. Located in Palm Jumeirah, the Mexican restaurant has an unrivaled view of Atlantis and the water fountains.

Meshico’s dining menu will take you on a trip to Latin America with its taco, tostadas, meat, and salad plates. Not to forget, there are 11 chef’s specialties that ought to make a heart-shaped imprint on your tastebuds. While it isn’t the most affordable restaurant on our list, it’ll give you an unforgettable cultural experience.

  • Best for: Those looking for a cultural experience
  • Type of Cuisine: Mexican
  • Price Range: 100-400 AED
  • Location: Palm Jumeirah The Pointe, Block B
  • Contact: [email protected]

23. Fi’lia Dubai

Fi’lia Dubai

Fi’lia Dubai takes you through three generations of culinary heritage with its three Italian menus, Nonna, Mamma, and Figlia. The main chef channels the happy memories of her mother’s cooking, which shows in her heartwarming and honest Italian dishes. Her food will make you homesick for Italy, even if you haven’t visited it before, especially her specialty pizzas.

While dining, you’ll watch Dubai’s skyscrapers and most iconic landmark, Burj Khalifa. And for the best part, Fi’lia offers catering and event-throwing services in its large seating area.

  • Best for: Those who want an authentic Italian pizza dinner
  • Type of Cuisine: Italian
  • Price Range: 35-210 AED
  • Location: Marasi Dr, Business Bay, Dubai
  • Contact: [email protected]

24. Aprons and Hammers

Aprons and Hammers

Aprons and Hammers treat visitors to a delicious seafood dinner with a splendid view of Dubai Marina. From crab buckets and seabass plates to oyster and clam starters, the menu certainly doesn’t lack diversity.

The relaxing vibes and eye-catching views will make your dinner at Apron and Hammers a memorable experience. It’s an ideal spot for a heartwarming family dinner.

  • Best for: Family dinners
  • Type of Cuisine: Seafood
  • Price Range: 40-300 AED
  • Location: The Beach Mall, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai Marina
  • Contact: [email protected]

25. Lakeview


The international menu and terrace view of Lakeview will make your trip to Dubai remarkable. The restaurant offers foods from around the globe, like Indian butter chicken, British fish and chips, Hungarian soup, Greek salad, and more. And while you dine on some of the most delicious plates in the Dubai Creek area, you can enjoy a serene waterfront view.

Lakeview is best suited for a laid-back dinner with family or friends, considering its heartwarming aura and relaxing vibes. And the best part? The diversity of food will satisfy every taste.

  • Best for: Those who want a relaxing dinner with loved ones
  • Type of Cuisine: International
  • Price Range: 26-70 AED
  • Location: Dubai Creek Resort
  • Contact:

26. Rhodes W1

Rhodes W1

Rhodes W1 pays homage to the late restauranter Gary Rhodes with unique food presentations that give off relaxed vibes without missing the usual flair of Dubai’s restaurants. The British menu includes various savory dishes like ribeye steak, grilled prawns, lamb cutlets, seabass, and more.

If you want a relaxing dinner with a dash of luxury, Rhodes W1 is your go-to restaurant. And as a bonus, it has a charming view of Dubai’s streets and skyscrapers.

  • Best for: Those who want a relaxing dinner with a good view
  • Type of Cuisine: British
  • Price Range: 65-375 AED
  • Location: Grosvenor House, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Al Emreef Street, Dubai Marina
  • Contact: [email protected]

27. Noepe


Noepe specializes in cooking Peruvian ingredients using Japanese techniques, and its chefs are committed to unique Nikkei cuisine. From green salads and appetizers to sushi and meat platters, its menu is full of fresh and delicious ingredients.

But what makes Noepe shine among other restaurants is its panoramic view of Dubai Creek. It makes for a relaxing aura and eye-pleasing scenery and improves visitors’ dining experience.

  • Best for: Those who love panoramic views
  • Type of Cuisine: Nikkei
  • Price Range: 65-400 AED
  • Location: Creek Club Street, Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club
  • Contact:

28. Vista


Vista’s lively atmosphere makes it a favorite spot for social nights and laid-back dinners. It gives visitors a panoramic view from which they can watch Dubai Creek and the city’s skyline.

As for the menu, Vista has fine selections from international cuisine that you can indulge in to get a taste of luxury at an affordable price. Whether you try the Vista burrata, wasabi prawn, or duck confit, you’re guaranteed a good time and satisfied taste buds.

  • Best for: Those who want luxurious meals at a reasonable price
  • Type of Cuisine: International
  • Price Range: 40-180 AED
  • Location: InterContinental Hotels, Dubai Festival City
  • Contact: [email protected]

29. Tribes


Tribes is a piece of African culture located in Dubai Mall. The restaurant promises visitors an unforgettable African dining experience complemented by its cultural interior design and music. The chefs channel the diversity of Africa and serve dishes from all around the continent, starting with Arabian flavors from the north and ending with Malay flavors in the south.

If you want to take a break from strolling in the mall and enjoy a cultural dining experience, it’s the right place to go. 

  • Best for: Those who want a cultural dining experience
  • Type of Cuisine: African
  • Price Range: 42-230 AED
  • Location: Star Atrium, 2nd Floor, The Dubai Mall
  • Contact: [email protected]

Closing Thoughts on Affordable Restaurants in Dubai with a View

Considering the lavish nature of Dubai, it’s no surprise that it has some of the most expensive dining restaurants in the Middle East. But it doesn’t lack affordable restaurants either. So if you want a relaxing dining experience without denting your wallet, you’ll find plenty of places to choose from, and all come with breathtaking views.



Frequently Asked Questions on Affordable Restaurants in Dubai with a View

Is it expensive to eat in Dubai?

Dubai has foods suitable for most budgets, but generally, eating there is considered expensive. The average cost of eating in fine dining restaurants in Dubai can go anywhere from 200 AED to 2000 AED per person. Meanwhile, 40-150 AED is the average range for affordable restaurants.

What is the average cost of a meal in Dubai?

The prices vary significantly according to your chosen restaurant, but the average cost of eating a whole meal in Dubai is about 20-150 AED.

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