19 Best Restaurants in Dubai Mall

19 Best Restaurants in Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is one of the city’s top 5 shopping destinations. Situated in the center of Downtown Dubai, it is a shopping and entertainment attraction that attracts over 100 million visitors each year. Dubai Mall is unlike any other retail center because it features two major department stores, Galeries Lafayette and Bloomingdale’s, as well as over 200 foreign dining choices and a variety of amusement and recreational activities for families to enjoy. Visitors can spend a whole day just browsing through its numerous shops and leisure activities, and a whole day out includes meals in their amazing eating spots. If you plan to visit with family, friends, or by yourself, you might want to plan in terms of dining, knowing that you will only find some of the top restaurants in the whole city. That’s why we have selected for you the best restaurants in Dubai Mall. Take a look at each, as we share with you some brief information, the type of cuisine, its website, phone number, and social media links. Let’s start off with some frequently asked questions about Dubai Mall.


Best Restaurants in Dubai Mall

Here’s a list of the 19 best restaurants in Dubai Mall in terms of popularity, user reviews, and internet visibility.

1. Hurricane’s Grill Dubai Mall

Hurricane’s Grill Dubai MallHurricane’s Restaurant The Dubai Mall restaurant is a lively, contemporary restaurant known for its steaks, ribs, and basting that accentuate the meaty flavors. Hurricane’s Grill, located at The Dubai Mall Fashion Avenue, offers breathtaking fountain views, friendly service, and excellent value for money with its comprehensive family-friendly cuisine. It was chosen as the 2020 Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Winner.



2. Bosporus Turkish Cuisine – The Dubai Mall – مطعم بسبورس دبي مول

Bosporus Turkish Cuisine - The Dubai Mall - مطعم بسبورس دبي مولA growing franchise that offers delectable and genuine Turkish cuisine, Bosporus invites you to an experience that will transfer guests to the streets of Istanbul without ever leaving the UAE. Already popular throughout Dubai, you can taste their dishes at Dubai Mall as well.



3. GIA

GIAGIA is a new Italian eatery with an all-day dining selection tailored to local tastes. The terrace has cosmopolitan grandeur and great views of the Dubai Fountain, making it a stylish, casual location for visitors.

  • Type of cuisine: Italian
  • Location: GIA, Unit GF – 320 New Fashion Avenue – Dubai Mall – Financial Center Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • Website: N/A
  • Phone number: +97142349986
  • GIA Instagram Account



4. Social House

Social House Social House is an exciting Restaurant bringing you tastes from around the globe, encircled by breathtaking vistas and warm alluring architecture, where visitors can enjoy an unforgettable dining experience. International cuisine is served in a relaxed setting with a patio and views of the Dubai Fountain. Indulge in delectable comfort food from around the globe, with unique menus for every time of day.



5. Eataly The Dubai Mall

Eataly The Dubai Mall Eataly Dubai Mall is a unique market where you can dine, buy, and learn about Italy’s cuisine. Enjoy delectable Italian dishes in the eatery and buy the finest Italian food items in their marketplace. Eataly is suitable for short business meetings, weekend brunch, or unwinding with family or friends over a substantial Italian lunch or dinner. It also offers culinary lessons for kids and thrilling weekend sampling.



6. Somewhere

SomewhereSomewhere provides a lovely ambiance to enjoy on a culinary journey. The setting is warm and inviting. The menu selection is wide, with many options to choose from. The portions are tiny, but two provide a diverse and very adequate dinner. Every element’s preparation is mindful, and the prices are affordable. 

  • Type of cuisine: General Restaurant
  • Location: Somewhere, Unit FF – 305 Level 1 New Extension, The Dubai Mall – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • Website: N/A
  • Phone number: +97143295182
  • Somewhere Instagram Account



7. Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse Established in 1993, Texas Roadhouse provides fresh, authentic food prepared by hand. Steaks would be hand-cut, ribs are slid off the bone, sides are homemade, and bread is cooked fresh every five minutes. There are no shortcuts, only genuine food prepared every day. In a Texas-themed setting, this lively franchise steakhouse serves American cuisine with a Southwestern twist.



8. P.F. Chang’s

P.F. Chang'sP.F. Chang’s is an Asian eatery that follows the basic, time-honored practice of wok cookery to guarantee that all dishes are created from the beginning. In a striking setting, this family-friendly chain serves innovative twists on Asian cuisine.



9. Angelina Paris

Angelina Paris Angelina, founded in 1903, has long been a beloved meeting spot for Parisian gourmets. The décor, in the Belle Epoque style, combines grace, appeal, and refinement. Angelina has been an ageless meeting place for Parisian nobility since its inception. Today, Angelina remains a one-of-a-kind location in which to savor the world-famous hot cocoa “L’Africain” and trademark Mont-Blanc pastry, the secret formula of which has remained carefully guarded for over a century.



10. The GrillShack

The GrillShackThe Grillshack is a Dubai-born establishment that serves a mainly meaty menu of steaks, ribs, and burgers in an informal yet industrial environment. The Grilllshack, situated in the food hall facing the Dubai Ice Rink at The Dubai Mall, serves steaks, ribs, and burgers.



11. Markette | Dubai Mall

Markette | Dubai Mall Markette Restaurant & Crêperie is a social place in the shape of a restaurant/café that gives visitors the experience of dining inside a friend’s home whose family members enjoy cooking. Their restaurant offers a wide variety of galettes, crêpes, salads, and other comfort dishes.



12. Tribes Dubai Mall

Tribes Dubai Mall Tribes offer traditional and fusion African foods in a stylish location with a patio. The menu was influenced by the incredible food and flavors of Africa, an extremely varied region with numerous communities that have different foods that they proudly prepare and serve to their family and friends. Restaurant Tribes provides an unforgettable blend of foreign flavors inspired by the Spice Islands of the East, the French in the West, the Malay & Dutch in the South, and the Arabic flavors of the North.



13. Carluccio’s – Italian Restaurant in Dubai Mall

Carluccio's - Italian Restaurant in Dubai MallDine the Italian way at Carluccio’s, Dubai Mall, but with a spectacular view of the Dubai Fountain. Carluccio’s is a family-friendly informal Italian restaurant company that lives by the slogan “minimum fuss, maximum flavor” every day. Carluccio’s offers a full family Italian dining experience to Dubai, from healthy morning dishes, exclusive coffee blends, and Real Italian cuisine to gorgeous interior and outdoor sitting. 



14. Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung Original Taiwanese cuisine is available at Din Tai Fung. Famous for its Xiao Long Bao Soup Dumplings and other dishes, Din Tai Fung Arab Emirates has successfully transferred the complete Taiwanese dining experience with its first restaurant in Dubai Mall



15. New Shanghai Restaurant

New Shanghai Restaurant At New Shanghai, they serve contemporary Shanghai-style food in an atmosphere influenced by the busy, colorful streets of the city after which they are named. Enjoy fine Chinese cuisine in Dubai’s top mall. 



16. Asma

AsmaAsma restaurant offers a one-of-a-kind Middle Eastern experience inspired by the rich flavors of the Middle East and displayed in a modern manner. It brings to food aficionados the rich flavors of Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, and Syria, influenced by the region’s rich ingredients. Asma restaurant combines together the old and the new, paying homage to distinct cultures.

  • Type of cuisine: Middle Eastern
  • Location: Asma, The Dubai Mall – Unit FF – 213 – Financial Center Rd – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • Asma Website
  • Phone number: +97143940646
  • Asma Instagram Account



17. Walnut Grove

Walnut Grove If you want generous portions of homemade food, you should go to Walnut Grove. The food’s flavor is excellent. Sandwiches and cakes are served in unusually large portions, with one slice feeding at least two people. Furthermore, the interior is completely decorated, particularly their celebration area. You can reserve it for a birthday, an engagement, or another special event.



18. Tanuki Dubai

Tanuki Dubai Tanuki Dubai, located on the Lower Ground Floor of The Dubai Mall, is an entryway to a distinct Asian gastronomic experience. The location features a sprawling terrace with stunning views of both the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountains, giving guests front-row tickets to the show.



19. B2B Burgers

B2B Burgers B2B Burgers is your place to taste flawlessly prepared wagyu beef burgers, mozzarella sticks, and avocado chicken. Their ice cream and tasty croissants are on the frontline as well. Among beverages, you’ll find delectable fresh juices, iced tea, or cool coffee. The tranquil ambiance is ideal to savor all of their delicious offerings.

  • Type of cuisine: Organic Burgers
  • Location: B2B Burgers، Lower Ground Floor, Next to Grand Parking Tourist Bus Pick Up, Dubai Mall Dubai Downtown Financial Center Street The Dubai Mall – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • Website: N/A
  • Phone number: +971501987474
  • B2B Burgers Instagram Account



Closing Thoughts on the Best Restaurants in Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is unlike any other shopping center, and as you can see, their dining options are endless and appeal to every taste. With over 200 foreign eating options and a variety of amusement and leisure activities for families to enjoy, eating in Dubai Mall is a must, and knowing where to go is important. We shortlisted for you only the top choices within the mall, so you cannot miss them when trying out the Best Restaurants in Dubai Mall. Make sure to explore them, select the one best suited for your party, and ensure yourself a wonderful day out in Dubai Mall!



Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Restaurants in Dubai Mall

How many restaurants are in Dubai Mall?

You may be shocked to learn that there are over 200 restaurants in Dubai Mall. Try to cater to every visitor’s need, so diversity is part of their culinary offer due to its high quantity of restaurants and cafés. 

How much does it cost to eat in a restaurant at Dubai Mall?

With over 200 food options, Dubai Mall has choices for every budget. There are value-friendly sites as well as luxury venues for those who want a superior experience. In fast-food-themed restaurants, a decent meal can go for as low as USD 5,50, whereas in the more pricey and exclusive places, the cheapest option starts at USD 60. 

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