15 Best Mexican Restaurants in Dubai

15 Best Mexican Restaurants in Dubai

Mexican food has long become a landmark that transcends its country’s borders. Anywhere you go, you will find small venues serving some of the finest dishes from Mexico’s culinary tradition. Its spicy and flavorful taste makes every new Mexican restaurant a popular spot for anyone who enjoys fine Latin American cooking. Speaking of Mexican venues and cosmopolitan cities, Dubai is no stranger to Mexican cooking, with a wide variety of choices that truly honor the country’s recipes. If you are in Dubai and want to savor some tasty tacos, burritos, and more, then check out this list of the best Mexican restaurants in Dubai. You will find information on its locations, types of cuisines, websites, social media links, phone numbers, and a short description. Let’s discuss the basics of Mexican food and move on to these fine-dining Mexican experiences.


Best Mexican Restaurants in Dubai

1. Maria Bonita (Umm Suqeim)

Maria Bonita (Umm Suqeim) Maria Bonita’s maize and flour tortillas are homemade. Their restaurant’s hallmark dish, fresh guacamole, is popular among visitors. Traditional Mexican food like tamales, churros, mole, enchiladas, and of course the country’s distinctive scent may be found in this casual venue. It’s a chill place to eat traditional Mexican food, including freshly produced dips at the table.



2. Puerto 99 Mexican Cuisine

Puerto 99 Mexican CuisinePuerto 99 is a world-class gourmet dining establishment situated on the picturesque Bluewaters Island. Focused on Mexican cuisine and seafood, some of their signature dishes include their succulent steak, cooked to perfection and brimming with flavor, a hallmark dish. They also have a huge selection of seafood dishes, all of which are made using the freshest local ingredients. They also provide live entertainment to enhance the dining experience. 



3. La Tablita Dubai

La Tablita DubaiIn the heart of Bur Dubai, Chef Manuel La Tablita is a vibrant Mexican restaurant with a Taco Shop atmosphere. Mexican culture of communal eating, cuisine, entertainment, and festivities is brought to life by a devoted staff of local Mexicans working on the culinary and service teams.



4. Loca Restaurant & Bar Dubai

Loca Restaurant & Bar Dubai The innovative Mexican eating and drinking concept Loca debuted in October 2009 and has since garnered rave reviews from critics. Outside of Mexico, Mexican cuisine has traditionally been associated with restaurants that serve ‘Tex-Mex’ fast food. Yet, Loca’s menu features a number of regional specialties from all around that region of Latin America that goes beyond the Tex-Mex style. 



5. Meshico – The soul of Mexico

Meshico - The soul of Mexico With a concentration on Mexican cuisine, seafood, and steak, Mesihco specializes in providing food with the freshest and most genuine ingredients. They claim their menu has something for everyone, whether your hunger is for seafood, steak, or traditional Mexican meals. They also provide live entertainment to add even more memorable touches to guests’ dining experience.



6. Tulum Restaurant

Tulum Restaurant Tulum Restaurant provides front-row seats to some nice vistas while showcasing the very best of genuine Mexican cuisine on a Seafood & Steak menu. Tulum is the ideal destination for a romantic evening or a night out with friends since live entertainment enhances the dining experience. 



7. Maya Mexican Kitchen + Bar

Maya Mexican Kitchen + Bar Carefully constructed but with a strong flavor, Chef Richard Sandoval creates modern Mexican cuisine at Maya Mexican Kitchen + Bar. It fuses the earthy flavors of his home Mexico with international ingredients and inventive cooking techniques.



8. Tortuga

TortugaTortuga explores the finest dishes in Mexican cuisine to provide a very exclusive dining experience. It’s hard to visit the place without a reservation, and bookings are made in advance so as not to miss out on their unique menu.



9. Taqado Mexican Kitchen

Taqado Mexican Kitchen This is the perfect location if you enjoy Mexican food with a unique touch. Ingredients are king at Taqado, and their cooking process is elaborate as well. For instance, they marinate beef for a whole day, and they tenderly grind guacamole every day. Everything is fresh in Taqado. 



10. Jules

JulesJules, one of the city’s first nightclubs to provide Dynamic Live entertainment, has made an enduring impression on the city’s nightlife and continues to dominate the party scene among locals and visitors. Part of its charm is its Mexican cuisine, highly regarded by visitors for its freshness and taste.



11. El Chapo’s Tacos

El Chapo's Tacos El Chapo’s Tacos, which is originally from Mexico City, offers genuine Mexican tastes, noises, and experiences to Dubai’s sandy suburbs. From the minute guests cross the border, they will feel as though they are in the heart of Mexico thanks to the vivid design and fiery flavors emanating from the kitchen. 



12. Muchachas Mexican Cantina

Muchachas Mexican Cantina Mexican cuisine is available at Muchachas Mexican Cantina, including tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and other dishes. The margaritas are simply irresistible to guests. It is a restaurant with a lot of vitality that makes dining enjoyable, simple, and memorable.



13. Cantina Continental & Mexican Restaurant

Cantina Continental & Mexican Restaurant A Mexican-themed restaurant and bar called Cantina 1810 are situated in the Grand Excelsior Hotel in Bur Dubai. Mexican food and drinks are served at Cantina with a unique touch that combines fun and music, which is enhanced by live music performances. An excellent option for dining, entertainment, and mingling in the center of Bur Dubai.



14. Copala Mexican Restaurant

Copala Mexican Restaurant Reclaiming Mexican cuisine in the UAE, Copala is a themed restaurant with a chic touch and authentic flavor of Mexico. The selection is excellent, and the tastes are delicious when you take your first mouthful, according to user reviews.



15. Tortilla – Dubai Marina

Tortilla - Dubai Marina In Tortilla, toppings like pollo asado (roasted chicken) and salsa roja (red sauce), which are originally from Mexico, are combined with Californian influences like black beans, lime-cilantro rice, and freshly sliced jalapenos. The result is a tasty, healthy, and genuine menu consisting of burritos and tacos.



Closing Thoughts on the Best Mexican Restaurants in Dubai

There you have it, a selection of the finest Mexican dining experiences in Dubai. As you see, with options for those on a budget and big spenders, anyone can have a delicious time with Mexican food in the UAE. Quesadillas, tacos, guacamole, and every taste from Mexico can be found in Dubai, and each restaurant has developed a style to serve Mexican food uniquely. Truly international at heart, Mexican food lives in every country that knows what true flavor is, and Dubai couldn’t stay out of the trend. As a cosmopolitan city, it offers excellent dining options for locals, visitors, and ex-pats looking for authentic Mexican cuisine. So make sure to visit the best Mexican restaurants in Dubai!



Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Mexican Restaurants in Dubai

What is Mexican cuisine famous for?

Today’s Mexican cuisine is a tasty fusion of native and Spanish food. While the staples of the dish are beans, maize, tortillas, and chile peppers, they are now frequently accompanied by some form of meat and cheese. The majority of recipes include some type of rice and other spices as a clear homage to the influence of Europe. 

Mexican food is well-known for its taste. Avocados, beans, chiles, tomatoes, and other vegetables, as well as different kinds of meat including cow, chicken, hog, and fish, as well as rabbit and lamb, are all common components in Mexican cuisine. Mexican cuisine is far from dull and uninteresting since it uses a lot of spices and natural flavorings. Furthermore, a variety of delicious sauces are added to these dishes. Mole is a flavorful sauce made with onions, chiles, and other ingredients. While mole Amarillo is prepared with almonds and raisins, mole negro is produced with chocolate.


What are the best Mexican dishes?

Here are some of the tastiest and most popular Mexican dishes:

  • Nachos: fried tortilla chips or totopos topped with cheese sauce or melted cheese as well as several additional ingredients, including meats, veggies, and sauces like salsa, guacamole, or sour cream.
  • Tacos: tortilla of maize or wheat that is the size of a normal hand and has a filling on top. After that, the tortilla is folded over the contents and eaten with one hand.
  • Burritos: a flour tortilla around a variety of contents in a sealed cylinder form. Sometimes the tortilla is briefly toasted or heated to soften, stretch, and help it stick to itself.
  • Chili with meat: a hot stew made with chili peppers, tomatoes, meat, and frequently pinto or kidney beans. Garlic, onions, and cumin are examples of additional spices.
  • Quesadilla: a tortilla that is fried on a griddle or stove and then filled mostly with cheese, occasionally with meats, spices, and other ingredients.
  • Guacamole: a spread, salad, or dip made with avocado. It is used as a dip, condiment, and salad element in foreign cuisine in addition to current Mexican cooking.


What are the most common ingredients in Mexican cuisine?

The most common ingredients from Mexican food tradition are:

  • Beans
  • Spices
  • Herbs
  • Cheese
  • Cream
  • Limes
  • Avocado
  • Chipotles

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