20 Best Restaurants in Palm Jumeirah

20 Best Restaurants in Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is an Island in Dubai that owes its name to its tree shape. It is famous for its opulent hotels, upscale apartment buildings, and international cuisine. The Palm Jumeirah Boardwalk, known for its views of the Dubai shoreline and the sail-shaped Burj Al Arab hotel, is dotted with food vendors selling foods like shawarma. In the evening, beach clubs with spas and infinity pools transform into rowdy nightclubs with live DJs. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, you can’t miss this place, especially for its unique restaurants. To enhance your experience, we have created a list of the best Restaurants in Palm Jumeirah. We’ll share with you information regarding the type of cuisine served, its location, its website, social media links, and phone number as well as a short description for all of them. Let’s learn a little more about Palm Jumeirah and its culinary scene.

Best Restaurants in Palm Jumeirah

1. Club Vista Mare

Club Vista Mare

Club Vista Mare offers a broad variety of international food at their dining complex, which is situated on the famed Palm Jumeirah’s eastern shoreline. The facility also offers breathtaking beachfront views.

2. Meshico – The Soul of Mexico

Meshico - The soul of Mexico

Mesihco focuses on serving food with the freshest and most genuine ingredients, with a focus on Mexican cuisine, seafood, and beef. Whether you’re craving seafood, steak, or traditional Mexican fare, they promise that their menu offers something for everyone. To make the eating experience even more special for their customers, they also provide live entertainment.

3. Maiden Shanghai | Chinese restaurant in Dubai

Maiden Shanghai

The trendiest Chinese bistro in Dubai, Maiden Shanghai, is a fresh discovery of real Chinese cuisine in a stunning Dubai environment. Maiden Shanghai also offers a unique bilingual karaoke experience.

4. Frevo


Discover Brazil at Frevo, where churrascaria-style dining is all about sharing delicious food and good conversation, for a genuine taste of traditional Brazilian cuisine. From appetizers to desserts, mingle with friends and family while dining on the most luscious slices of beef that are traditionally sliced tableside in a lively atmosphere.

5. Praia Dubai Beach Restaurant & Lounge

Praia Dubai Beach Restaurant & Lounge

In the center of Dubai’s trendiest hotel, FIVE Palm Jumeirah, is a luxurious seaside lounge located along Palm Jumeirah’s West Palm Beach. Take in some of the greatest views of Beach By FIVE and the Dubai Marina Skyline in Dubai. With its sharing-style menu, Praia presents Californian food in a contemporary manner. Travel to the Golden State and the West Coast with your taste senses!

6. 101 Dining Lounge and Marina

101 Dining Lounge and Marina

The eye-catching 101 Dining Lounge and Bar offer expansive panoramas of the skyline of New Dubai. Outdoor seating leads to a chic overwater lounge with a bar and tables by the water.

7. Miyabi Sushi Palm Jumeirah

Miyabi Sushi Restaurant

Since 2012, there is contemporary Japanese cuisine in the center of Dubai. Offering a wide variety of delectable tastes, a competent yet friendly staff, and a mindful dedication to environmentally friendly procedures. 

8. Flow Kitchen

Flow Kitchen

Every day, the chefs create a different menu at Flow Kitchen that draws inspiration from other cuisines. The relaxed environment at Flow Kitchen is complemented by breathtaking panoramas of Dubai Marina.

9. Akira Back Dubai

Akira Back Dubai

Chef Akira Back, a chef of international fame, offers you his version of adrenaline-fueled Japanese food made with Korean and foreign flavors. Taste the unique Japanese flavors made with artisanal ingredients and seasonal products while taking in breathtaking views of the Dubai skyline.

10. The Edge

The Edge

The Edge is a restaurant with a pool where you can unwind and cool down while enjoying delicious food and a picture-perfect setting. It specializes in pizzas, salads, burgers, and grills prepared in an ambiance by the pool. The Edge’s renowned stone-baked Margherita Pizza combines the best ingredients. This authentic Italian dish is served hot from the electric stone hearth oven and is sure to please. 

11. The Shore

The Shore

The Shore serves delicious Tex-Mex food hot off the grill, including fajitas, nachos, and steaks. The Palm and the Dubai skyline serve as a gorgeous backdrop as you sip on a variety of classic cocktails and margaritas from the bar. 

12. Khyber – Indian Restaurant in Palm Jumeirah


Khyber Restaurant, one of Dubai’s top 5 North Indian eateries, offers a complex and opulent array of North Indian flavors. The award-winning restaurant, which has Indian heritage, is well known for its breathtaking paintings, elaborate embellishments, and unrivaled North Indian specialties. Located on the hotel’s 15th floor, the restaurant’s authentic flavors, stylish décor, and calming music transport guests to the center of “olden day Mumbai.”

13. Cinque | Italian Restaurant in Dubai | FIVE Palm Jumeirah


Italian restaurant Cinque is an entertaining ristorante and bar that offers a shared-style meal. Their pasta dishes overflow with sauce. The burrata with gold leaf, a coral self-playing piano, and an exquisite outdoor deck with a view makes the place unique. Cinque’s sharing-style menu is perfect for groups of friends and family seeking a genuine experience of Italy.

14. Seagrill Bistro

Seagrill Bistro

At Seagrill Bistro, where magnificent views of the Dubai Marina skyline give a romantic touch to any stay, celebrate the best of the Mediterranean Sea’s rich wealth. For the ideal sunset experience, choose from a wide selection of Mediterranean-inspired drinks, fresh fish, seafood platters, grilled meats, and Greek salads.

15. Blvd on One | Best Lebanese Restaurant

Blvd on One

No matter what time of day, Blvd on One’ all-day restaurant with outdoor seating is a great choice for Lebanese Cuisine. This Restaurant in Dubai serves delectable breakfasts in the morning, tempting lunches by the pool in the afternoon, and appetizing cuisine from the Levant at Beirut Night, in addition to a range of shisha for you to enjoy. At this bustling brasserie, there is truly something for everyone.

16. Bā Restaurant & Lounge

Bā Restaurant & Lounge

The newest gourmet hideaway at Fairmont The Palm is B – Boldly Asian, which is shrouded in mystery. Start your trip through their hypnotic entranceway into our Asian Wonderland before being escorted on a gourmet tour across the Bay of Bengal. Foods from China, Japan, Taiwan, and Korea are combined in vibrant, flavorful fusions that can be seen all across Asia’s lively streets. 

17. Sultan’s Lounge

Sultan's Lounge

Sultan’s Lounge is a spacious, social area decorated in an opulent Ottoman-inspired style, perfect for a small dinner or afternoon tea. Enjoy the splendor of the afternoon with our enticing baked pastries and cool beverages.

18. ZRoom Dubai

ZRoom Dubai

When entering ZRoom, lavish black, and gold furnishings create the mood for an amazing night.

Enjoy a range of Mediterranean and foreign cuisine in a fun environment that is fueled by live performances, dancers, and DJs. Luxury venue ZRoom offers karaoke and a nightlife experience. 

19. LAO Dubai

Lao Dubai

The LAO restaurant is housed within the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Dubai and offers home-style Asian cuisine prepared using genuine spices, sauces, and cooking methods. The recipes are influenced by classics and favorite comfort foods. Traditional food is provided in a laid-back yet lively environment. 

20. Myrra Restaurant

Myrra Restaurant

In the restaurant Myrra, you may experience the delectable cuisines of the Greek and Spanish islands. It is a property of Club Vista Mare. This venue offers a seaside, indoor, and outdoor experience that is influenced by Greece and Spain.

Closing Thoughts on the Best Restaurants in Palm Jumeirah

The city’s rulers encouraged developers to build enormous man-made islands off the coast in order to expand the city’s meager seafronts. Palm Jumeirah is the most well-known of these, the first constructed man-made island off the coast of Dubai. Some of Dubai’s biggest luxury resorts. The self-declared eighth wonder of the world, there are so many good reasons to visit the place, and its culinary offer is clearly an important one. Take a look at the list of best Restaurants in Palm Jumeirah and ensure yourself a fine dining experience with amazing views and food you will never forget.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Restaurants in Palm Jumeirah

What are the most expensive restaurants in Palm Jumeirah?

Being an exclusive spot, Palm Jumeirah has many luxurious and expensive restaurants. Here’s a list of five that rank high in terms of cost and exclusivity:

  • Miss Tess Dubai
  • Rue Royale Restaurant Dubai
  • 101 Dining Lounge and Marina
  • Brunello Restaurant
  • Cinque | Italian Restaurant in Dubai | FIVE Palm Jumeirah

How much does it cost to eat at a restaurant in Palm Jumeirah?

Depending on the restaurant and the menu items you select, dinner in Palm Jumeirah might cost a variety of amounts. AED 50 to AED 200 (USD 14 to USD 55) is the rough range per person for more informal restaurants and cafés, whereas AED 500 to AED 1,500 (USD 136 to USD 410) or even higher can be found in high-end restaurants.

Which restaurants have the best view in Palm Jumeirah?

Here are five of the restaurants with views in Palm Jumeirah:

  1. Meshico – The Soul of Mexico
  2. Khyber
  3. The Edge 
  4. Seagrill Bistro
  5. The Shore

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