Best 18 Michelin Star Restaurants in Dubai

Best 18 Michelin Star Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai is a hub for high cuisine. Not only can you try food from every corner of the world but you can also have some of the finest dining experiences. One of the maximum decorations in the restaurant business is the Michelin Star, a recognition of the place’s level of cooking and service. On this list, you will find only the Best Michelin Star restaurants in Dubai. You can read about the type of cuisine each spot has, its locations, website and social media links, phone numbers, and some info on each. Let’s jump right in.


Michelin Star Restaurants in Dubai

1. Trèsind Dubai

Trèsind DubaiTrèsind, Dubai provides diners with a progressive Indian fine-dining experience. Trèsind was introduced to diners in 2014, showcasing the robustness of Indian cuisine and the yet unexplored hidden gems. The cuisine at Trèsind features classic meals inspired by and credited with restoring the distinctive notion of gueridon service.



2. Marina Social

Marina SocialThe Marina Social is a social zone that caters to your whims and fancies. You can enjoy creativity, discussion, class, and comfort in a relaxing, sociable setting against the backdrop of spectacular waterfront views overlooking the lively Dubai Marina.



3. Nobu Dubai

Nobu DubaiThis is a world-renowned Japanese-Peruvian culinary experience that begins with drinks and Japanese tapas in the sake lounge before heading to the dream-like Japanese garden for an amazing omakase or à la carte meal. Celebrity chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s signature black cod miso, premium wagyu beef tacos with a Japanese twist, and Dubai’s greatest sushi are all available.



4. COYA Dubai

COYA DubaiIn an award-winning modern Peruvian venue, COYA Dubai brings the essence of Incan tradition to the Middle East. More than a restaurant, COYA Dubai is an engaging experience inspired by colorful Latin American culture.



5. Doors Freestyle Grill – Steakhouse

Doors Freestyle Grill - SteakhouseDoors Freestyle Grill is a well-known steak and seafood restaurant in Dubai. The menu includes steak, seafood, grilled cuisine, and specialty meals produced by world-renowned chefs. Their environment provides the ideal, scenic waterfront dining setting, where guests are welcomed to a unique culinary experience.



6. Hakkasan Dubai

Hakkasan dubaiHakkasan’s food combines delectable classic Cantonese cuisines with modern twists. Chef Andy Toh and his incredible crew take Chinese cuisine and create new dishes utilizing traditional techniques and the greatest quality ingredients to provide one of Dubai’s best experiences.



7. 11 Woodfire

11 WoodfireOne Michelin-starred woodfire restaurant specializing in natural firewood cuisine in a three-story villa on Jumeirah Road in Dubai. Smart casual is the dress code. Children are welcome from the age of six.



8. Marea Dubai

Marea DubaiMarea sets the standard for restaurant culture, with superb food and unrivaled service that creates an experience unlike any other. It Marea attracts individuals who don’t seek luxury but embrace it.



9. Indego by Vineet

Indego by VineetMichelin-recommended Indego by Vineet serves contemporary Indian food by renowned Chef Vineet Bhatia in a combination of modern and traditional presentation. Their menu includes meals inspired by street food as well as those served on a griddle, clay oven, grill, and stew pot.



10. Social

SocialIn a perfect environment for everyday eating and celebration dinners, Social provides a calm yet classy ambiance, engaging design features, and beautiful views over Dubai.



11. Enigma

EnigmaEnigma restaurant serves authentic Persian food, inspired by Michelin-starred Executive Chef Mansour Memarian’s Iranian background. Enigma includes both indoor and outdoor seats with stunning views of the main pool and Dubai Creek.



12. Il Ristorante – Niko Romito

Il Ristorante - Niko RomitoIl Restaurant – Niko Romito at Bulgari Resort Dubai pays homage to Italy’s rich heritage, echoing the beautiful style of the original Bulgari Hotel Milano. Every detail of the restaurant’s ambiance has been meticulously chosen to create a flawless eating experience. As well as a stunning black roof, raised banquettes provide a greater perspective of the Arabian Gulf.



13. TÀN CHÁ Restaurant

TÀN CHÁ RestaurantTàn Chá evokes the metropolitan aspect of downtown Hong Kong with a dash of Dubai grandeur. A vibrant, cross-cultural setting that presents genuine Chinese food in a new way via the application of modern techniques and presentation. Its sophisticated ambiance makes it ideal for long relaxing evenings.



14. Stay by Yannick Alleno

Stay by Yannick AllenoAt One&Only The Palm, indulge in an evening of fine dining at STAY, an epicurean experience of courses crafted by master chef Yannick Alléno. This is traditional French cuisine at its finest, having been awarded two stars in the Dubai Michelin Guide.



15. Pierre’s TT

Pierre's TTPierre’s TT is carefully designed to offer delightful and delectable eating experiences, led by the renowned three Michelin star Chef Pierre Gagnaire. This waterfront restaurant in Dubai Festival City is a blend of food and comfort with an environment filled with breezy elegance and relaxed charm.



16. Brasserie Boulud

Brasserie BouludCelebrity chef Daniel Boulud’s Brasserie Boulud welcomes you to a world of flavors and warm colors. The mirrored ceiling is accented by chandeliers and an open kitchen provides a live demonstration of the chef creating the most unusual French cuisine.



17. Rang Mahal

Rang MahalRang Mahal, located on the fourth floor of the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai, will be ideal for everything from a casual meal with friends to a romantic date night for two. The menu includes appetizers and main course meals such as Minced Lamb Kebab, Mangalorean Ghee Roast Prawns, and Roasted Lamb Leg. The beverages are carefully chosen to complement the historical foods.



18. Tasca

TascaTasca is an innovative restaurant from chef José Avillez that has recently been given one Michelin star by the first Michelin Guide 2022 for Dubai. It is located on the sixth level of Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah, Dubai. Tasca, named after the Portuguese term for the word tavern, serves authentic Portuguese flavors with a modern touch. 



Closing Thoughts on the Best Michelin Star Restaurants in Dubai

As you can notice, Dubai’s experience in top-level cuisine has made all of the restaurants in this list worthy of a Michelin star. For those who just love a good taste of luxury crafted by the best chefs around, make sure to try all of the best Michelin Star restaurants in Dubai. You are definitely in for a treat.



Frequently Asked Questions on Michelin Star Restaurants in Dubai

What is a Michelin Star?

The Michelin Guide, a reputable restaurant guidebook that was first released by the French tire company Michelin, bestows Michelin stars on eateries as a mark of distinction. The Michelin Guide was created in 1900 to help travelers in France locate accommodations, dining options, and other helpful information. These days, it includes eateries in many different nations.

One to three Michelin stars, with three being the greatest honor, can be given to restaurants. One star denotes a very fine restaurant, two stars denote an excellent restaurant, and three stars denote an exceptional restaurant that is well worth the special trip to visit. The standard of the food, the chef’s talent, the consistency of the menu, and the entire dining experience are requirements for receiving a Michelin star. A restaurant’s reputation and revenue can rise considerably after receiving a Michelin star.


How can restaurants earn Michelin Stars?

The Michelin Guide employs a group of unbiased restaurant inspectors who tour establishments and rate them according to a strict set of standards. In order to have the same experience as any other customer, the auditors cover the cost of their own food while maintaining their anonymity.

A Michelin star must meet several requirements, including:

  • Quality of ingredients: A Michelin star is more likely to be awarded to eateries that serve fresh, high-quality foods.
  • Skill and technique of the chef: The creativity, technique, and ability of the chef in creating dishes are assessed by Michelin examiners.
  • Consistency: Each time a Michelin inspector visits an eatery, they anticipate the same level of service and food quality.
  • Value for money: This implies that a restaurant with high costs must offer a dining experience worthy of the fee.
  • Overall dining experience: The complete dining experience is assessed by Michelin inspectors, including the ambiance, staff, wines, and presentation.

One of the greatest accolades in the food industry, receiving a Michelin star can greatly boost a restaurant’s reputation and revenue. However, despite their best efforts, many restaurants may never obtain a Michelin star because it is so challenging to accomplish.


What does the number of Michelin Stars mean?

One of the greatest honors in the culinary world is the number of Michelin stars given to a restaurant, which denotes its level of excellence.

  • One Michelin star: A restaurant that has received one Michelin star is thought to be very excellent. It suggests that the eatery serves fine food that has been lovingly made with only the freshest ingredients.
  • Two Michelin stars: A restaurant is thought to be outstanding if it has received two Michelin stars. It means that the chef has created exceptional cuisine at the eatery, which is deserving of a detour to sample.
  • Three Michelin stars: A restaurant is regarded as extraordinary if it has received three Michelin stars. It means that the restaurant offers outstanding food, unique menu items, and a memorable dining experience that makes it worthwhile to make the special trip to visit.

Achieving even one Michelin star is regarded as a major accomplishment, and many restaurants work hard for years to do so. Only a small number of eateries are able to achieve the Michelin star because the requirements are so strict.


Do Michelin Stars expire?

There is no predetermined time limit for Michelin stars. However, to make sure that the restaurant’s quality and standards have been upheld, the Michelin Guide regularly reviews restaurants, usually once a year or once every other year.

A restaurant may lose its Michelin star in the upcoming version of the Michelin Guide if it no longer adheres to the standards for that star. Similarly, a restaurant that continues to deliver exceptional products, service, and a total dining experience may be awarded a new star or keep its current stars in the upcoming Michelin Guide.

It’s important to remember that the Michelin Guide does not require one to visit a restaurant every year and that a restaurant may ask for a specific year’s evaluation to be skipped. A restaurant’s decision to close or shift ownership may also have an impact on its Michelin star rating. Until it has the chance to reevaluate the restaurant under new ownership or management, the Michelin Guide may decide to remove the restaurant’s star classification in such circumstances.

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