15 Best Breakfast Spots in Dubai

15 Best Breakfast Spots in Dubai

This food lover’s paradise, Dubai, offers the perfect breakfast spots to suit any palate. From classic Emirati meals to plant-based options, there are a multitude of choices for discerning early-morning diners. An experience that won’t be forgotten anytime soon awaits those who take on this guide and explore some of the top spots for starting off your day with mouthwatering flavors!


Best Breakfast Spots in Dubai

1. A Taste of Tradition: Arabian Tea House

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Hidden away in the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood, Arabian Tea House offers a one-of-a-kind traditional Emirati breakfast experience. Step inside this cozy tea house with white rattan chairs and beautiful curtains to be taken back to an era long gone. Filled with old-fashioned Arab hospitality. The mouthwatering selection of original regional dishes is served on platters from AED 35 each, open daily between 7am and 11pm you can revel in the local culture through its cuisine.

When it’s time for that authentic taste of Arabia, no need to look at Arabian Tea House! Popular amongst locals and visitors alike, discover more about their menu at www.arabianteahouse before embarking on your flavourful journey into history itself!


2. A Parisian Affair: WYT Cafe

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At WYT Cafe in Dubai Hills Mall, foodies can enjoy a piece of Paris amidst its relaxed yet chic setting. Its weekend breakfast menu has something to offer everyone from early birds and late risers alike, with egg dishes as well as healthy breakfasts like salmon veal bacon cream cheese sausage starting at AED 109 for the English breakfast platter. Breakfast is served until 11 pm so you won’t have any trouble catching your fix no matter what time it may be!


3. Healthful Mornings: Splendour Fields

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If you want a nutritious morning meal, Splendour Fields is the ideal spot. Located in Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), this urban garden cafe offers fresh and healthy breakfasts created by Tom & Serg’s kitchen team that start at 54 dirhams each. Whether it be fluffy pancakes or perfectly cooked eggs, there are several delicious breakfast options to choose from daily between 8 am – 6 pm.

For more information on their menu selections as well as how to visit them, head over to www.flowdubai.com for all the details!


4. Comfort Food with Flair: Tashas

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For a truly unique and delightful breakfast experience, one needs to visit Tashas. They offer multiple locations around Dubai such as Al Barsha, Jalila Galleria Mall, Marina Mall, and Mirdif New for diners’ convenience. Their specialty is their ‘Breakfast Royale’, while they also have other classics like omelets with greens plus avocado toast along with poached eggs served alongside smoked salmon that will certainly tantalize the taste buds!

Tashas offers plenty of drink options too (from coffee to homemade juices all through wellness teas or seasonal beverages) which provide an additional flair on top of its comforting yet creative food menu selections. If you’re looking for delicious food in a special atmosphere, then go no Than Tasha’s across Dubai. It promises not only great sustenance but will leave your tastebuds wanting more!

5. All-Day Breakfast Fusion: Amongst Few

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If you’re someone who prefers to keep the breakfast going all day, Amongst Few is a great choice. It’s located at Bahwan Complex in Villa #3 on Al Wasl Road and its menu contains cuisines from Thailand, Italy, Portugal, Britain & Japan – plus each dish made with organic dairy or meat products.

The restaurant provides an extensive selection of breakfasts that can suit any preference, whether early morning or late night snacks. Together these factors make it one of the best places for breakfasting in Dubai!


6. Eggsquisite Options: Eggspectation

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Eggspectation is a highly regarded breakfast destination, boasting two branches in Dubai – @thebeachdubai and @citywalkdubai. It’s renowned for its extensive selection of dishes ranging from fried eggs to French toast, pancakes, pasta or burgers. The café also serves steak and seafood options alongside classic Eggs Benedict. Alongside that quality food choice comes great coffee too!

The inviting atmosphere combined with an imaginative range of meals has made Eggspectation one of the go-to locations among those seeking out high-end breakfasts around Dubai. From scrambled or poached eggs to omelets, they’ve got it covered!


7. Friends’ Culinary Adventure: Friends Avenue Cafe

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At Friends Avenue Cafe, why not gather your friends and start a culinary journey? With several locations in Dubai such as JLT, Al Thanyah, and Motor City to name a few, this cafe offers an extensive breakfast menu with various specialties from Europe, England, and Australia like baked beans. From extravagant sandwiches to crunchy salads for all tastes plus different kinds of main dishes. The cafe provides delicious breakfasts that everyone can enjoy while socializing in its comforting setting.

Make lasting memories at Friends Avenue Café that is open every day where you’ll be able to enjoy excellent food alongside those close people!


8. Cozy Cravings: Brunch & Cake

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Want an enjoyable breakfast experience? Brunch & dessert. The cake is the place for you! This award-winning dining spot offers a range of delicious dishes throughout the day in various locations around Dubai, such as Jumeirah Islands, Wasl 51, and The Pointe. Whether it’s acai bowls, waffles, or pancakes that take your fancy, they have something to satisfy everyone’s cravings.

The restaurant also has a wonderful inviting atmosphere which makes it great for catching up with friends over breakfast. Making it not one to miss on any trip to Dubai. So why not come down soon and enjoy all that brunch & cake have in store?


9. Home-Cooked Nourishment: Heal

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If you’re looking for an invigorating morning start, then Heal is the ideal place to go in Dubai. The spot located at 30 Al Manara Road, Umm Suqeim offers breakfast from 7 am until midnight making it perfect for both early birds and late risers alike.

The atmosphere of this popular eatery provides a homely feel with its comforting menu options that will truly make your meal full of nourishment and taste made with love! Don’t forget to stop by when visiting Dubia, Heal has something special waiting just for you!


10. Global Flavor Fusion: Kulture House

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Kulture House, situated at 106 Jumeirah Beach Road, is a cafe and concept store that provides a one-of-a-kind eating experience. Enjoying breakfast? Their delectable international menu offers dishes inspired by Thai, Italian, Portuguese, British and Japanese food to please any palate. Open from 9 am until 10 pm every day of the week ensures everyone can enjoy Kulture House’s diverse options anytime they like! Don’t miss out on this unique chance to sample flavors fused together with global flair during your stay in Dubai at Kulture House Cafe & Concept Store.


11. Vibrant Health Hub: Vibe Cafe

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If you’re looking for a health-focused breakfast experience, Vibe Cafe is the perfect spot. This lively cafe on Al Wasl Road has developed a strong reputation among Dubai’s foodies who are focused on eating healthy and enjoying vibrant surroundings. From 9 am to 10 pm each day, guests can tuck into nutritious meals in an aesthetic atmosphere.

Vibe Cafe offers colorful decor along with friendly service and fresh wholesome dishes that appeal to all of those seeking out healthier options at mealtime – making it one of the city’s must-visit spots!


12. Pretty in Pink: EL&N

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If you have a love for pink, the place to go in DIFC is EL&N. This eatery has become well-known on Instagram due to its beautiful decoration featuring plenty of blush tones and it offers an array of options from brunch dishes, pancakes, and bowls with something special when compared to other breakfast spots. Open every day so that you can treat your eyes as much as your palate any time soon.

You will definitely find what you’re looking for at this exceptional cafe, whether it’s delicious food or ideal settings for capturing stunning pictures – EL & N got all covered!


13. Plant-Based Paradise: SEVA

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For those in search of a meat-free breakfast experience, SEVA is the place to be. As Dubai’s inaugural vegan cafe located at Jumeirah Beach Road on 27B Street Villa 5/1B Jumeirah 1, it offers an all-vegetarian morning menu with something for everyone, available daily from 8 am to 10 pm.

This veggie haven has quickly become popular amongst local plant eaters because its dishes are delicious as well as nutritious and eco-friendly. Don’t miss out during your next visit to the city, enjoy this animal-free paradise!


14. Earthy Flavors: URTH Caffe

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Visiting Dubai? Head over to the URTH Caffe in City Walk for some delicious, organic meals. Open every day of the week, this breakfast spot has won many hearts with its earthy flavors made from high-quality ingredients – perfect if you’re looking for a wholesome and enjoyable morning experience.

Popular among food lovers due to their commitment to using only natural produce, why not stop by at URTH Caffe on your next visit to Dubai and see what all the fuss is about? An unbeatable selection of hearty breakfasts awaits!


15. Mexican Morning Delights: Maiz Tacos

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Visiting Dubai? Make sure to drop by Maiz Tacos for a delicious Mexican breakfast. This eatery has a vibrant atmosphere and decorations, as well as upbeat music in the air that will make your morning enjoyable with friends or family. On their menu are vegan-friendly dishes perfect for spicing up your day!

Check out @maiztacos on Instagram to find more information about this unique spot located both at JLT and Dubai Hills – don’t miss out on an opportunity to have a great meal during your stay here. So come experience good food, good vibes, and all-around fun when you visit these locations today!


Closing Thoughts on the Best Breakfast Spots in Dubai

Whether you are in the mood for an Emirati-style breakfast from Arabian Tea House or a plant-based meal at SEVA, Dubai is one of the ultimate destinations to have your most important morning meal. From classic English breakfasts to Mexican cuisine options and everything in between, make sure you explore some of the best places this city has to offer when it comes to having breakfast food that will tantalize your taste buds! So prepare yourself for delicious surprises as we take you around town looking out for those perfect spots where you can start off your day with a bang. Bon appetit!


Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Breakfast Spots in Dubai

What are some traditional Emirati breakfast options in Dubai?

Discover an authentic Emirati breakfast at the Arabian Tea House located in the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood. Enjoy freshly baked flatbreads, hummus, and other local dishes while taking in this cozy venue’s relaxed atmosphere. Experience all that makes this a unique spot to sample traditional cuisine from the UAE today!

Where can I find a healthy breakfast spot in Dubai?

If you want to find a healthy breakfast option in Dubai, Splendour Fields located in JLT is just the place! With its nutritious options and gorgeous urban garden setting, it’s sure to satisfy.

Are there any vegan breakfast spots in Dubai?

In Dubai, you can find a vegan breakfast spot, SEVA. This plant-based eatery serves an entirely vegan menu for breakfast with delicious options to choose from!

Which cafes in Dubai offer all-day breakfast?

Amongst others. Few is one of the cafes in Dubai that offers a variety of breakfast dishes all day long. The ingredients used are natural and organic, such as meat, dairy products, etc., making them an appealing choice for health-conscious customers. Their menu features international cuisine-inspired meals to give you global flavors here in UAE!

Can I find Mexican breakfast options in Dubai?

If you’re looking for a Mexican-style breakfast in Dubai, Maiz Tacos has some delicious dishes to start your day off right. They provide several options so that everyone can find something they’ll enjoy!

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